Core Services

Personal CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Since Matador Financial is an independent firm that upholds a fiduciary standard we can give objective advice and service that is not found at most other traditional banking and investment firms. We are able to collaborate with and recommend other service providers without having a conflict of interest. We are a trusted source that can give you a “Yes or No” to your financial decisions, making sure that you the CEO are protected and informed.

Outside Business and Purchase Analysis

We provide our unbiased and objective advise on purchasing a car, home, boats, relocating to new city, investing in or starting a new business venture.

Investment Management

We want your money to grow at a consistent pace without taking on too much risk. We are a “fee only” firm so we never receive a commission when we recommend an investment to you. Instead we get paid a small percentage on the value of your account that we manage. We are in this together so we want growth but we also do not want huge losses either.

Estate Planning/Risk Management

We work with attorneys that can make sure you and your family are protected.

Financial and Retirement Planning

You will have a Certified Financial Planner™(CFP®) professional oversee your investments and financial situation to outline a game plan.

Tax Planning

We use accountants who have actually prepared taxes for pro athletes. These CPAs have experience and understand the unique tax situations involved.

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