Because we believe every investor is unique, we build diversified investment portfolios that are customized to fit both your risk tolerance and your unique investment objectives. We adhere to a core-satellite approach that uses both passive and active investment management. We utilize individual stocks and bonds, exchange traded funds (ETF’s), and other investments that have little to no internal management fees. In general, the advisors at Matador Financial use the same investment process for our own investments as we do for our clients.

60% CORE
Exchange Traded Funds (ETF):
Largecap, Midcap,
Bond Market
Individual Stocks
Individual Bonds
Closed End Funds
Preferred Stock

Passive Management: The client and the Matador advisor first agree upon one of the three risk profiles and then allocate investments appropriately for the Core portfolio. Each risk profile has its own pre-established ratio of stocks and bonds.

The investments consist of multiple Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s), which follow an underlying index. The ratio between these indexes will differ based on the investor’s risk profile. The portfolio is passively managed, meaning that we invest in accordance with a pre-determined strategy that doesn’t entail the use of “market timing”. The idea is to avoid the adverse consequences of failing to correctly anticipate the future.

Rebalancing: Semi-annualy.

Risk Profiles Conversative - Moderate - Aggressive


Active Management The client and the Matador advisor first agree upon one of the three “objective” profiles and allocate investments appropriately for the Satellite portfolio. Each objective profile has its own pre-established ratio of stocks and bonds.

The investments are comprised of individual stocks or similar investments. Each objective profile will have its own set of investments that coincide with the objective of the investor. The satellite portfolio is adjusted after taking into consideration the current economic conditions and the individual performance of each investment. Some sectors of the economy may be under-weighted/over-weighted based on our research.

Rebalancing: Quarterly

Objective Profiles: Income - Growth & Income - Growth

Combined Core/Satellite Investment Profiles
  • Conservative / Income
  • Conservative / Growth & Income
  • Conservative / Growth
  • Moderate / Income
  • Moderate / Growth & Income
  • Moderate / Growth
  • Aggressive / Income
  • Aggressive / Growth & Income
  • Aggressive / Growth
  • • Every client should discuss with a Matador Financial representative to determine his or her suitable asset allocation model.
  • • All investments involve risks of varying degrees. Every investment strategy has the potential for profit or loss.

Every year as a client of Matador Financial, you will receive a customized financial report. This report is a snapshot of your overall financial picture and it generates an analysis that shows if you are on track to meet your stated goals. We review this report with our clients and over the phone or in person and make adjustments as necessary as situations in your life change.